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Our Mission is to optimize the healthcare transaction experience by leveraging technology to equip buyers and sellers to be more efficient, saving both time and money. Our Aim is to provide healthcare managers with a transformative cloud-based software channel to purchase and sell healthcare-related products differently and completely online, everything they need in one location.

Simple to Use, Easy to Love

Welcome to Fast and Efficient Transactions like never before!

Digital Sales Order

Generate sales orders faster than ever before. Pre-loaded information and contract ready data decreases risk of human error and PO latency. We put the lightning into Sales Order generation!

Automated Invoicing

Why take the time to generate an invoice when it can be done automatically in OMEDZA error free? Save time, save money!

Organize Contracts and Discount Pricing

Ready to create a contract in just a few minutes? Try our Contract Creator tool and step into the realm of efficiency with just a few clicks. Once your Buyer accepts, you’re ready to Rock!

Digital Purchase Order

Has that PO come in yet? Where is it? What's taking so long? Not anymore. Submit a PO# in seconds and watch your automated invoice magically appear! At OMEDZA our specialty is in eliminating waste on all levels which puts money back into your working capital faster than ever.

Accept and send payments quickly

Healthcare has suffered long enough from the cancer of latency. We have injected our process with a healthy dose of lightspeed. Send and Receive payments faster than you can cough the word "efficiency"!

Reach more customers and vendors

OMEDZA works for you 24/7. That means while you're sleeping we are cranking out orders and making connections faster than ever. Join OMEDZA today! and experience the fastest remedy healthcare has ever witnessed…the doctor is in!

The OMEDZA Difference

  • Rapid Pay Transaction Management
  • Reduce Costs associated with Accounts Payable and Receivable
  • Eliminate Human Error and Latency issues
  • Automated Invoicing
  • Versatile system provides product acquisition capability all in one location
  • Online 24/7 Product Ordering
  • Innovative New Purchasing/Selling Tools
  • Risk Management tools
  • Comparative Pricing Matrix
  • Cost/Value Analysis
  • Purchase Order tracking
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Centralized Inventory Solutions
  • Efficient Materials Management Process
  • Restock Tracker
  • Reconcile Sales and Purchases more than 3X FASTER

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